"The mining of coal, minerals, oil and natural gas production play an important part in Utah's economy, and without these natural resources we would not enjoy the standard of living we do in our modern society. The Division of Oil, Gas and Mining ensures our access to these natural resources in an environmentally responsible manner, while our Abandoned Mine Program works to protect the public from the dangers of unregulated past mining practices. Our employees really do make it happen."

John R. Baza
Director, Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining


Proposed Parley’s Canyon Mine Statement

Tree Farm has determined it will withdraw its large mine notice of intent (LMO), and will no longer contest the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining’s (Division) denial of its small mine notice of intent (SMO). The Board of Oil, Gas and Mining (Board) voted to approve a motion for dismissal at the March 23 Board hearing, although a formal Board order granting the dismissal is still pending. The Division anticipates this Order will likely issue before the April 27 Board hearing. The Division will not approve any SMO submitted by Tree Farm until after receiving guidance from the Board through the pending Board order.

On April 1, the Board issued an order denying requests for the issuance of either an emergency order preventing further mining in Parley’s Canyon, or a moratorium be placed on all small and/or large mine applications. The order is available at

If given direction from the Board on rulemaking, legislation, and/or cooperative agreements with sister agencies, the Division will take all available action to develop regulations conducive to population growth and urban expansion.

The New Workplace: Modernizing Where, How, and When Utah Works

The State of Utah has implemented a new initiative across all state agencies entitled The New Workplace: Modernizing Where, How, and When Utah Works. Due to this new initiative, many staff are not in the office five days a week. We are taking all necessary steps to ensure we provide the same level of service to our customers, while increasing our efficiencies of how/where business is done. If you have business with the Division, please call or email before coming in to make sure necessary staff is available.

Changes to R647-1 to R647-5
The changes have been made by going through the rulemaking process with the intention of clearing up the definition of suspension.