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Selma Sierra
Selma has extensive experience in energy, environmental, and public lands management. Selma currently works as a consultant on natural resources policy. Prior to her current position, Selma was Business Development Consultant for Natural Resources Policy at Utah State University’s Bingham Research Center where she focused on energy and environmental public policy issues. Prior to joining USU, Selma was the State Director for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in Utah. As State Director, Selma was entrusted to manage nearly 23 million acres of public lands. Selma also served as Chief of Staff in the national office of the BLM where she advised, coordinated and implemented the Director’s public policy directives. She also served as the Assistant Director for Communications for the BLM’s national office where she led and managed the offices of intergovernmental affairs, media relations, and regulatory affairs. Selma has also served as Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior for External Affairs and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources Management at the Department of the Interior. Selma was Communications Director and Legislative Assistant/Director for a former U.S. House of Representative where she focused on public lands, energy and environmental legislative issues. Selma has worked at the U.S. Department of Commerce where she focused on minority business issues and coordinated a U.S. Trade Mission to Italy and Spain for a core group of women and minority business owners. Selma served as Deputy Chief of Staff for legislative affairs and communications to the Governor of New Mexico. Selma is a native of New Mexico and a graduate of New Mexico State University.