Our Mission

The mission of the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining is to regulate the exploration and development of coal, oil and gas, and other minerals in a manner which

  1. encourages responsible reclamation and development;
  2. protects correlative rights;
  3. prevents waste; and
  4. protects human health and safety, the environment, and the interests of the state and its citizens.

Division History

The Division was originally established in 1955 as the Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to prevent the waste of oil and gas, encourage conservation and protect the correlative rights of oil and gas owners. Regulation of oil and gas exploration and development is funded with a levy on Utah oil and gas production. In 1968, the Division of Oil and Gas Conservation was formed as a part of the Department of Natural Resources. In 1975, the Utah Legislature assigned the Division the responsibility for administration of the Mined Land Reclamation Act and it became the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining. The Act's primary function was to "prevent conditions detrimental to the general safety and welfare of the citizens of the state of Utah" that could occur from activities of the mining industry in the state. Permitting and inspection/enforcement procedures ensure proper mine operation and the reclamation of affected lands.

Implementation of the Mined Land Reclamation Act was initially funded totally with general state funds. A specific law to address the reclamation of coal mines, the Utah Coal Mining and Reclamation Act was passed in 1979, and in 1981 Utah received primacy for regulation of coal mining and reclamation under the federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 (SMCRA). In March 1987, the Division assumed sole responsibility under a Cooperative Agreement for permitting, inspection and enforcement on federal lands. Federal monies are provided for regulation of coal mining and reclamation on federal and nonfederal lands. The current cost split for the Coal Regulatory Program is 86 percent federal funds and 14 percent general funds. Monies for the regulation of noncoal minerals exploration and development continue to come primarily from the general fund with supplement from a modest permit fee program implemented in 1998.

The Division also conducts reclamation of abandoned mine sites under Title IV of SMCRA. Funds for this program come totally from appropriations of federal fees paid by the coal industry, based on a per-ton produced rate. Modest funding agreements with private and federal partners also supplement some of the work in the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program.

The Division received primacy in 1982 from the Environmental Protection Agency for regulation of Class II Water Injection Wells. This program was originally designated for funding with 75 percent federal funds and 25 percent general funds. During FY-98, however, federal funding comprised 44 percent of the revenue with the remaining costs covered by general funds. The program regulates disposal of produced water from oil and gas wells, and reinjection of fluids for pressure maintenance and secondary recovery operations in oil and gas fields.

In addition to Division functions, a seven-member quasi-judicial Board of Oil, Gas and Mining is responsible for policy development and for considering appeals of Division actions, specific regulatory policy determinations and rulemaking functions. The members of the Board are appointed by the Governor with Senate concurrence.

Rules and Statutes

Abandoned Mine Reclamation

Title R643

Title 40-10

Coal Regulatory Program

Title R645

Title 40-10

Minerals Regulatory Program

Title R647

Changes to R647-1 to R647-5
The changes have been made by going through the rulemaking process with the intention of clearing up the definition of suspension.

Title 40-08

Utah Oil and Gas Rules

Utah Oil & Gas Conservation Act

Utah Oil & Gas Conservation General Rules

Performance Measurements

The Division of Oil,Gas and Mining (OGM) is committed to bringing value and innovation to Utah through service and technology. Each Quarter OGM renews their service levels to our customers via measurments of the number and timelinness of actions taken ...read more

Division Staff


John Baza Director 801-538-5334
Dana Dean Deputy Director - Mining 801-538-5320
Bart Kettle Deputy Director - Oil & Gas 801-538-5316
John Rogers Environmental Manager 801-538-5349
Julie Ann Carter Secretary to the Board 801-538-5277
Janette Lucero Administrative Assistant to Director 801-538-5336
Natasha Baliff Legislative/Policy Manager 801-538-5328
Hollie Brown Public Information Officer 801-538-5324
Vacant Senior GIS Analyst 801-538-5430
Cat Schooley GIS Analyst 385-266-1601


Karson Pope Public Information Center Manager\Records Officer 801-538-5316


Eric Hyatt BUDGET & ACCOUNTING OFFICER 801-538-5274
Gordon Brown Accountant 801-538-5381
Emma Doucet Financial Analyst II 801-538-5274


Angela Nance Sr. Business Analyst 801-538-5264
Shaoqing Song Application Programmer Analyst - Oil & Gas 801-538-5319
Stacy Shifflett Graphics Arts Specialist 801-538-5383


Dana Dean Deputy Director - Mining 801-538-5320
Vickie Southwick Executive Secretary - Mining 801-538-5304


Steve Fluke PROGRAM MANAGER 801-538-5259
Levy Woodruff Office Technician 801-538-5352
Seth Button Project Manager/Archaeologist 801-538-5318
Connie Garcia Project Manager/Realty 801-538-5340
David Jones Project Manager/GIS Specialist 801-538-5267
Jan Morse Project Manager/NEPA 385-799-0028
Kevin Nay Project Manager/Biologist 801-538-5322
Peter Nielsen Project Manager/Geologist 801-538-5292
Katie Potter Project Manager/Geologist 801-538-5255
Susan White Project Manager/Biologist 801-538-5311


Steve Christensen ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGER 801-538-5350
Priscilla Burton Soil Scientist (Price Office) 435-613-3733
Amanda Daniels Hydrologist 801-538-5360
Steve Demczak Engineer (Price Office) 435-613-3732
Justin Eatchel Engineer 801-538-5437
Kendra Hinton Hydrologist 801-538-5345
Karin Madsen Field Inspector (Price Office) 385-267-6721
Todd Miller Biologist 801-538-5262
Suzanne Steab Engineer Technician 801-538-5265


Wayne Western ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGER 801-538-5263
April Abate Hydrologist 801-538-5214
Penny Berry Surety Coordinator 801-538-5291
Kim Coburn Environmental Scientist 801-538-5310
Matt Munson Environmental Scientist 801-538-5332


Bart Kettle Deputy Director - Oil & Gas 801-538-5316
Jean Sweet Executive Secretary-Oil & Gas 801-538-5329

Dustin Doucet SENIOR PETROLEUM ENGINEER 801-538-5281
Ellis Peterson Petroleum Engineer 801-538-5315
Megan Crocker Environmental Scientist 801-538-5290
Colton Goodrich Environmental Scientist 801-538-5280


Ammon McDonald FIELD OPERATIONS MANAGER 801-538-5337
Lisha Cordova Permitting - Environmental Scientist 801-538-5296
Dal Gray Operations - Petroleum Specialist (Price) 385-280-0394
Travis Gray Operations - Petroleum Specialist (Price) 385-260-4920
Chase Hanberg Operations - Petroleum Specialist(Vernal) 435-790-5892
Cell Phone
Mark Jones Operations - Petroleum Specialist(Price) 435-613-3735
435-820-8504 Cell Phone
Mike Perkins Operations - Petroleum Specialist(Vernal) 435-722-7584 Cell Phone
Richard Powell Operations - Environmental Scientist(Vernal) 435-247-1534
435-790-6145 Cell Phone
Orlan Wallace Operations - Petroleum Specialist(Vernal) 435-722-7589

Dayne Doucet OIL AND GAS PERMITTING MANAGER 801-538-5303
Mark Gwynn Permitting - Environmental Scientist/Geologist(Price) 385-377-6375
Diana Mason Permitting - Permitting Specialist 801-538-5312
Ben Glider Operations - Environmental Scientist 801-538-5333
Vacant Permitting - Environmental Scientist/Geologist --

Bev Wiser LEAD AUDITOR 801-538-5346
Rachel Medina Bonding Technician 801-538-5260
Kathy Smith Oil & Gas Office Specialist 801-538-5301
Mykellynn Bryson Oil & Gas Office Specialist 801-538-5295

Shaoqing Song Application Programmer Analyst 801-538-5293
Carolyn Williams Oil & Gas Production Information Specialist 801-538-5331
Vacant Oil & Gas Production Information Specialist --
Vacant Oil & Gas Production Information Specialist --


  1. Do you have a list of Environmental Consultants that perform work pertaining to oil, gas and mining projects?

    Yes, we have a list of consultants. This list of resources does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining. The list is only updated as often as we are notified by the company. You can add or update your company information by contacting Angela Nance at angelanance@utah.gov

    Environmental Consultants List