Oral History Project

The Abandoned Mine Reclamation Program is deeply committed to preserving Utah's rich mining history. Our reclamation efforts prioritize both human safety and environmental conservation. We strive to preserve the authentic character of historic mines by working around existing structures and artifacts whenever possible. When this isn't feasible, we explore alternative ways to protect their history, and our oral history project exemplifies this commitment.

Our primary aim was to record and safeguard the voices of those who shaped Utah's mining industry. We firmly believe that every story is a valuable piece of history meant to be shared with the public and mining historians alike. Our interviews encompass a wide range of mining, covering uranium, coal, metals, and spanning from 1931 to 2006. We've ventured across eleven counties, from Salt Lake to San Juan, to capture these captivating tales of Utah's mining heritage.

Our interviews are conducted professionally and result in exceptional visual and audio records. Transcriptions provide written content for historical research, while edited videos showcasing the most compelling stories are shared on YouTube. All materials collected by our project are freely accessible to the public, with original recordings and full transcripts available at the State Archives for research purposes.