Our Mission

The mission of the Title V Program is to regulate exploration for, and development of, coal conformance with UCA 40-10 and Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act of 1977 which:

  1. supports the existence of a viable coal mining industry to meet the nation's energy needs,
  2. implements standards that safeguard the environment and protect public health and safety, and
  3. achieves the successful reclamation of land affected by coal mining activities.

Rules and Statutes

Coal Regulatory Program

Title R645

Title 40-10

Coal Staff


Dana Dean Deputy Director - Mining 801-538-5320
Angela Nance Sr. Business Analyst 801-538-5264


Steve Christensen ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGER 801-538-5350
Priscilla Burton Soil Scientist (Price Office) 435-613-3733
Amanda Daniels Hydrologist 801-538-5360
Steve Demczak Engineer (Price Office) 435-613-3732
Justin Eatchel Engineer 801-538-5437
Kendra Hinton Hydrologist 801-538-5345
Karin Madsen Field Inspector (Price Office) 385-267-6721
Todd Miller Biologist 801-538-5262
Vacant Engineer Technician 801-538-5265


What is a coal mine permit application?

A coal mine permit application is an application submitted to the Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining by a party who wants to mine coal in the state of Utah. This application must address all of the regulations (Coal Mining Rules - Utah Administrative Code R645 et al)

How can I become involved if I have concerns about a coal mine permit?

The coal rules provide for public participation in the coal permitting process. When the application is determined "administratively complete", there is an advertisement in the local newspaper about the permit application for four consecutive weeks to notify the public that the application is ready for public review.

The comment period extends for 30 days after the last date of publication when written comments or objections to the application may be submitted by any person having an interest which is or may be adversely affected by the decision on the application. An informal conference may also be requested - this request must include a brief summary of the issues to be raised by the requestor at the conference.

These comments should be addressed to:
Utah Coal Regulatory Program
Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining
1594 West North Temple, Suite 1210
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

Where and when can I get a copy of the coal mine permit application?

All applications for permits, permit changes, permit renewals, transfers, assignments or sales of permit rights will be on file with the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining in their Public Information Center at the address above for public inspection and copying after they have been received by the Division. Upon submission of an "administratively complete application", an applicant for a permit, significant revision of a permit under R645-303-220 or renewal of a permit under R645-303-230, the applicant will place a copy of the permit application in the County Courthouse where the mine is located.

Other Questions? Please call or e-mail the Coal Program Manager Daron Haddock at 801-538-5325 (daronhaddock@utah.gov).