Coal Permit Files

Below are the electronically scanned files of the documents that are available in the Division's Public Information Center (PIC Room). Please note-Not all of the files available in the PIC Room are available electronically. As documents are scanned they will be made available through these file services.

**You need a username and password to access these files -  use ogmguest for both the username and password  or your assigned Novell username and password if you have one.


SelectDoc DateDoc ToDoc FromDoc RegardingCHIA Name
select  07/30/2019  File    CHIA, Mud Creek and Upper Huntington Creek Basin  01MUDCRE 
select  04/17/2018  File    CHIA, Quitchupah and Muddy Creek  22MUDDYC 
select  06/07/2017  File    CHIA, Alton Sink Valley  26ALTON 
select  10/29/2015  File    CHIA, Gordon Creek Drainage  11GORDON 
select  12/18/2013  File    CHIA, East Mountain  20EASTMO 
select  11/06/2012  File    CHIA, Gentry Mountain  03GENTRY 
select  08/31/2009  File    CHIA, Lower Miller Creek  25LOWERMILLER 
select  04/30/2007  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 5  06BOOK-5 
select  03/16/2007  File    CHIA, Lower Quitchupah Creek Watershed  19QUITCH 
select  12/14/2006  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 2  14BOOK-2 
select  09/22/2005  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 3  15BOOK-3 
select  08/18/2005  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 1  08BOOK-1 
select  06/13/2005  File    CHIA, Upper Gordon and Beaver Creeks  07UPPERG 
select  04/12/1996  File    CHIA, Willow Creek & Price River Basins  02WILLOW 
select  10/03/1995  File    CHIA, Kaiparowitz Plateau  21KAIPAR 
select  02/11/1993  File    CHIA, Whitmore Drainage Area  13WHITMO 
select  04/15/1991  File    CHIA, Cottonwood Creek Basin  18COTTON 
select  08/07/1989  File    CHIA, Price River Drainage  10PRICED 
select  09/29/1988  File    CHIA, Banning Loadout  12BANNIN 
select  09/08/1987  File    CHIA, Knight Mine  23KNIGHT 
select  05/01/1987  File    CHIA, Chalk Creek Drainage  24CHALKC 
select  12/08/1986  File    CHIA, Hidden Valley  17HIDDEN 
select  11/07/1985  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 4  04BOOK-4 
select  08/09/1985  File    CHIA, JB King Mine  16JBKING 
select  08/22/1984  File    CHIA, Price River Flood Plain  05PRICEF