Coal Permit Files

Below are the electronically scanned files of the documents that are available in the Division's Public Information Center (PIC Room). Please note-Not all of the files available in the PIC Room are available electronically. As documents are scanned they will be made available through these file services.


SelectDoc DateDoc ToDoc FromDoc RegardingCHIA Name
select  07/30/2019  File    CHIA, Mud Creek and Upper Huntington Creek Basin  01MUDCRE 
select  04/17/2018  File    CHIA, Quitchupah and Muddy Creek  22MUDDYC 
select  06/07/2017  File    CHIA, Alton Sink Valley  26ALTON 
select  10/29/2015  File    CHIA, Gordon Creek Drainage  11GORDON 
select  12/18/2013  File    CHIA, East Mountain  20EASTMO 
select  11/06/2012  File    CHIA, Gentry Mountain  03GENTRY 
select  08/31/2009  File    CHIA, Lower Miller Creek  25LOWERMILLER 
select  04/30/2007  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 5  06BOOK-5 
select  03/16/2007  File    CHIA, Lower Quitchupah Creek Watershed  19QUITCH 
select  12/14/2006  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 2  14BOOK-2 
select  09/22/2005  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 3  15BOOK-3 
select  08/18/2005  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 1  08BOOK-1 
select  06/13/2005  File    CHIA, Upper Gordon and Beaver Creeks  07UPPERG 
select  04/12/1996  File    CHIA, Willow Creek & Price River Basins  02WILLOW 
select  10/03/1995  File    CHIA, Kaiparowitz Plateau  21KAIPAR 
select  02/11/1993  File    CHIA, Whitmore Drainage Area  13WHITMO 
select  04/15/1991  File    CHIA, Cottonwood Creek Basin  18COTTON 
select  08/07/1989  File    CHIA, Price River Drainage  10PRICED 
select  09/29/1988  File    CHIA, Banning Loadout  12BANNIN 
select  09/08/1987  File    CHIA, Knight Mine  23KNIGHT 
select  05/01/1987  File    CHIA, Chalk Creek Drainage  24CHALKC 
select  12/08/1986  File    CHIA, Hidden Valley  17HIDDEN 
select  11/07/1985  File    CHIA, Book Cliffs Area 4  04BOOK-4 
select  08/09/1985  File    CHIA, JB King Mine  16JBKING 
select  08/22/1984  File    CHIA, Price River Flood Plain  05PRICEF