Task Details:

Permit Number Site Name Task Status Task Type Task Year
C0070020 HORIZON MINE A CO 2003
Task ID Task Name Request Date Issue Due Date Issue Sent Date
1276 C03-51-2-1 OPERATING WITHOUT ADEQUATE BOND 03/12/2003 08/28/2003
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11/26/2004 SDUNLAP PGRUBAUG Immediately post adequate bond or complete reclamation according to approved MRP.

Task Assignments:

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Task Activies:

Activity Date Activity Remarks Added By Date Added
04/02/2003  Assessment Date  71 points, $2280.00 fine.   SDUNLAP  08/07/2003 
04/16/2003  Assessment Sent  Proposed assessment sent.   SDUNLAP  08/07/2003 
08/28/2003  Termination  Effective 07/01/2003. Bond was posted and permit was transferred.   SDUNLAP  09/03/2003 
08/18/2004  Settlement Agreement  General Settlement Agreement releases Debtors Trustee, Rennert Parties, Congress and Wexford Parties from any claims arising from or related to the Debtors' mine ownership. As of October 8, 2004, an Exclusionary Code (EOFT) was entered into the Applicant Violator System that designates that Debtors Trustee, Rennert Parties, Congress and Wexford Parties are excluded from being blocked in the AVS. Lodestar Energy, Inc. will remain blocked due to the fact that they are not part of the settlement.   SDUNLAP  11/26/2004 
10/28/2004  Terminated  Memo to file summarizes settlement agreement and documents that outstanding NOV's, CO's, and FTACO's can be removed and terminated from the Division's CTS because the issue has been settled with certain parties connected to the Lodestar violations and is being handled Federally within the Applicant Violator System (AVS).   SDUNLAP  11/26/2004