Task Details:

Permit Number Site Name Task Status Task Type Task Year
C0070020 HORIZON MINE A SIG 2004
Task ID Task Name Request Date Issue Due Date Issue Sent Date
2249 permit boundary expansion 05/12/2005 06/27/2005 07/01/2005
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PGRUBAUG WG folder created. Base TA assigned SR00B-1 (2/23/01) for review.

Task Assignments:

Person Assignment Due Date End Date Assigned On Assigned By Remarks By
JDSMITH  HYDRO    05/20/2005       
JDSMITH  CHIA    05/20/2005       
WWESTERN  ENGR    06/02/2005       
JHELFRIC  ADMIN    06/08/2005       
JHELFRIC  BIOL    06/08/2005       

Task Activies:

Activity Date Activity Remarks Added By Date Added
08/17/2005  Received copy of Mining Plan Approval Document and Maps for New Mining Plan  PIC   ANANCE  08/18/2005 
06/06/2005  Received Surafce Managing Response  PIC   ANANCE  06/09/2005 
07/01/2005  Conditional Approval letter, DD, Permit, TA, CHIA.  Mailed 7/01/05. Requesting 5 clean copies by 7/15/05.   ANANCE  07/01/2005 
07/07/2005  Received Certified Return Receipt from David Levanger  PIC   ANANCE  07/13/2005 
07/05/2005  Received comments from Mark Page.  PIC, copy PGL.   ANANCE  07/13/2005 
07/26/2005  Final Approval of Permit Boundary Expansion  Mailed 7/28/05   ANANCE  07/28/2005 
05/16/2005  Received response to technical deficiencies.  Received 5 hard copies and 6 CDs. 1 hard copy to PIC.   ANANCE  05/19/2005 
05/19/2005  Received ADDITIONAL INFORMATION as requested by Wayne Western.  Received 5 copies on CD. All CDs for review. Letter to PIC.   ANANCE  05/24/2005 
06/10/2005  Received fax of letter Re: Federal Lease Addition #74804  PIC   ANANCE  06/14/2005 
06/10/2005  Received letter from J. Dykman Re: Federal Lease Addition #74804  PIC   ANANCE  06/17/2005 
07/15/2005  Received 5 clean copies as requsted.  Prepare for final approval   ANANCE  07/20/2005 
10/03/2005  Information mailed that was left out of original approval package.  Mailed 10/4/05.   ANANCE  10/04/2005