Task Details:

Permit Number Site Name Task Status Task Type Task Year
Task ID Task Name Request Date Issue Due Date Issue Sent Date
2424 prep plant & refuse pile phase I and phase III 01/23/2006 05/05/2006 09/20/2006
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Task Assignments:

Person Assignment Due Date End Date Assigned On Assigned By Remarks By
WWESTERN  BOND    03/02/2006       
WWESTERN  ENGR    03/02/2006       
PBURTON  ADMIN    04/04/2006       
PBURTON  SOIL    04/04/2006       
DDEAN  HYDRO    03/21/2006       
JHELFRIC  BIOL    03/01/2006       
PBURTON  LAND    04/04/2006       

Task Activies:

Activity Date Activity Remarks Added By Date Added
09/18/2006  Concurrence from OSM on the Findings in the Decision Doc.  PIC   ANANCE  10/10/2006 
10/27/2006  Mailed Affidavits and Exhibit D to Dennis Ware.  Mailed 10/30/06   ANANCE  10/30/2006 
04/24/2006  Sent Invitation to attend Phase I and Phase III Bond Release Inspection.    ANANCE  04/25/2006 
04/20/2006  Received additional Information to support bond release.  5 copies   ANANCE  04/26/2006 
05/01/2006  Received invitation to Mathis Land Inc, and Wallace and Gladys Mathis  Returned no such street   SMORRISO  08/22/2006 
04/28/2006  Received Invitation to Blackhawk Coal Company  Returned not deliverable   SMORRISO  08/22/2006 
05/19/2006  Received letter from BLM  No Objections to Phase I and Phase III   SMORRISO  08/22/2006 
07/20/2006  Sent letter to James Fulton requesting concurrence    SMORRISO  07/21/2006 
01/26/2006  Received response to deficiencies.  Received 5 copies   ANANCE  01/31/2006 
02/07/2006  Sent transmittal letter to Dennis Ware  Copy to BLM and PFO.   ANANCE  02/08/2006 
09/20/2006  Final Approval of Bond Releases at Refuse Pile and Barn Canyon  Mailed 9/29/06. *Prepare copies for distribution.   ANANCE  09/29/2006 
09/29/2006  Transmittal of clean copies of Bond Release info.  Mailed 10/3/06.   ANANCE  10/03/2006 
08/15/2006  Received email from Dennis Ware to Pam G.  Dennis will be sending 5 clean copies in aticipation of approval. Waiting on OSM concurrence.   SMORRISO  08/24/2006 
08/18/2006  Received clean copies from Dennis Ware  5 copies   SMORRISO  08/24/2006