Task Details:

Permit Number Site Name Task Status Task Type Task Year
C0070020 HORIZON MINE D PJT 2007
Task ID Task Name Request Date Issue Due Date Issue Sent Date
2884 Plate 3-1 - Surface Facilities 11/30/2007 01/15/2008 01/28/2008
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12/03/2007 ANANCE PGRUBAUG Special project. WHW to review and prepare a memo. Also will need to send them a return letter with a response of whether or not they need to increase the bond. Per DWD on 1/28/08 - The map was an incomplete submital and more information was requested from the Operator (Kit Pappas). The new submittal came in under Task ID #2900.

Task Assignments:

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Task Activies:

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11/30/2007  Received Plate 3-1 - Surface Facilites.  Filed in PIC. WHW to review.   ANANCE  12/03/2007