Task Details:

Permit Number Site Name Task Status Task Type Task Year
C0070020 HORIZON MINE A AMD 2008
Task ID Task Name Request Date Issue Due Date Issue Sent Date
2922 paved areas 02/07/2008 03/25/2008 04/16/2008
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02/11/2008 ANANCE PGRUBAUG Work Group folder created. *Change status to 'A' once incoprorated.

Task Assignments:

Person Assignment Due Date End Date Assigned On Assigned By Remarks By
ANANCE  MPMD    02/12/2008      sent email on 2/12/08  
DDARBY  HYDRO    03/28/2008       
WWESTERN  BOND    02/20/2008       
WWESTERN  ENGR    02/20/2008       

Task Activies:

Activity Date Activity Remarks Added By Date Added
03/18/2008  Email from C. Johnston Re: MPMD  PIC   ANANCE  03/21/2008 
03/21/2008  Received response to MPMD from OSM  PIC   ANANCE  03/24/2008 
02/14/2008  Received Plates to be included in submittal.  Received 4 sets. 1 set to PIC.   ANANCE  02/14/2008 
04/16/2008  Conditional Approval of Paved Areas. TA on CD.  Mailed 4/17/08. Requesting six complete copies by 4/30/08.   ANANCE  04/17/2008 
02/07/2008  Received application for Paved Areas.  Received 4 copies. 1 copy to PIC.   ANANCE  02/11/2008 
02/12/2008  Sent email to OSM Re: MPMD  Copy of email to PIC.   ANANCE  02/12/2008 
02/25/2008  Email to Kit Pappas Re: IR Approval.  Email to file.   ANANCE  02/25/2008 
03/07/2008  Received fax of C1/C2 forms  Added to info received on 2/7/08. Sent to PIC   ANANCE  03/10/2008 
04/22/2008  Received clean copies of Plate 3-1 and Plate 3-4.  Prepare for final approval.   ANANCE  05/05/2008 
04/22/2008  Final Approval of Paved Areas.  Mailed 5/5/08.   ANANCE  05/05/2008