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Permit Number Site Name Task Status Task Type Task Year
Task ID Task Name Request Date Issue Due Date Issue Sent Date
2940 removal of barn canyon shaft facility 03/03/2008 03/25/2008
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03/05/2008 ANANCE JDSMITH Work Group folder created. *Change status to 'A' once incorporated.

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ANANCE  MPMD    03/06/2008      sent email on 3/6/08  

Task Activies:

Activity Date Activity Remarks Added By Date Added
03/25/2008  Conditonal Approval of Barn Canyon Shaft Facility.  Requesting 6 copies by 4/25/08 - must include updated bond calc sheets.   ANANCE  03/28/2008 
04/08/2008  Received email from Carl Johnston Re: Response to MPMD  PIC   ANANCE  04/10/2008 
04/11/2008  Received response from OSM Re: MPMD  PIC, copy WHW.   ANANCE  04/11/2008 
03/03/2008  Received application to Remove Barn Canyon Shaft Facility.  Received 3 copies. 1 copy to PIC.   ANANCE  03/05/2008 
03/06/2008  Email to OSM Re: MPMD and FS/BLM Re: Furnishing Findings  Copy to PIC.   ANANCE  03/06/2008 
03/06/2008  Received response from USFS.  PIC   ANANCE  03/06/2008 
03/06/2008  Email to Dennis Ware Re: IR Acceptance  Email to PIC   ANANCE  03/06/2008 
04/29/2008  Received clean copies of Barn Cayon Shaft.  Received 6 copies. 1 copy to PIC.   ANANCE  04/30/2008 
04/30/2008  Final Approval of Removal of Barn Canyon Shaft.  Mailed 5/5/08   ANANCE  05/05/2008