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3344 NOV#10039 FAILURE TO COLLECT FIELD PARAMETERS 06/25/2009 07/06/2009
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06/25/2009 SSTEAB JDSMITH Violation: Permittee did not collect field parameters for specific conductivity during the frist quarter 2009 sampling event. Section of the MRP specifically states that field parameters will be collected for pH, specific conductance and temperature. The permittee's field instrument has been broken. The laboratory has been performing tests for conductivity as a substitute. The permittee was given ample time during the fourth quarter of 2008 to fix the instrument in time for the first quarter 2009 sampling event. Violated: R645-3-1-731.223, R645-301-731.224, R645-300-100.143. Actions Required: Begin collecting surface water parameters in the field in accordance with Section of the MRP.

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AABATE  LEAD    07/06/2009       

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06/25/2009  Issued NOV for Failure to Collect Field Parameters  Mailed certified 7004 2510 1824 9757   SSTEAB  06/25/2009 
07/06/2009  NOV Vacated  PIC, Mailed 7/15/09   SSTEAB  07/06/2009 
07/13/2009  Certified Return Receipt  PIC   SSTEAB  07/13/2009