Task Details:

Permit Number Site Name Task Status Task Type Task Year
Task ID Task Name Request Date Issue Due Date Issue Sent Date
4094 PHASE II BOND RELEASE 05/04/2012 08/01/2012
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05/08/2012 SSTEAB SCHRISTE Work group folder created.

Task Assignments:

Person Assignment Due Date End Date Assigned On Assigned By Remarks By
AABATE  LEAD    08/01/2012       
AABATE  HYDRO    06/19/2012      Approval  
JHELFRIC  BIOL    07/02/2012      Approval  
PBURTON  SOIL    06/15/2012      Approval  
JOWEN  BOND    06/27/2012      Approval  
JOWEN  ENGR    06/27/2012      Approval  

Task Activies:

Activity Date Activity Remarks Added By Date Added
05/04/2012  Received Application for Phase II Bond Release  3 hard copies, 1 copy to PFO, 1 copy to PIC   SSTEAB  05/08/2012 
07/03/2012  Date Extended to Allow for Comment Period    SSTEAB  07/03/2012 
07/16/2012  OSM Concurrence Request  PIC, Mailed 7/16/12   SSTEAB  07/16/2012 
07/31/2012  OSM Concurrence Letter  PIC   SSTEAB  08/01/2012 
08/01/2012  Conditional Approval of Phase II Bond Release  Upon receipt of 2 clean copies   SSTEAB  08/01/2012 
08/23/2012  Received clean copies of Phase II Bond Release  PIC   SSTEAB  08/31/2012 
08/31/2012  Final Approval of Phase II Bond Release  PIC, Mailed 9/4/12 Certified to Fidelity 7009 3410 0001 4203 2161   SSTEAB  08/30/2012 
09/04/2012  Incorporated in SLC Office and eMRP    SSTEAB  09/04/2012 
11/26/2012  Received Rider Reducing Bond & Exhibit D to Update Reclamation Agreement  Bond Files   SSTEAB  11/27/2012 
06/05/2012  Invitation to Attend Inspection June 18th  PIC   SSTEAB  06/05/2012 
07/19/2012  Affidavit of Publication  PIC   SSTEAB  07/19/2012 
06/29/2012  Concurrence from BLM  PIC   SSTEAB  06/29/2012