Permit Number: C0070018 
CARBON County,Utah 
Site Summary 
The Soldier Canyon Mine is currently inactive.

The Solider Canyon Mine is owned and permitted under Canyon Fuel Company, LLC. Until December 1996, the property, and associated reserves were known as Soldier Creek Coal Company.

The Soldier Canyon Mine is located in the Book Cliffs Coal Field approximately 12 miles northeast of Wellington, Utah. Initial prospecting took place there as early 1906, however actual mining via hand loading methods did not commence until 1935. The limited production from the mine was initially sold as home heating coal in Carbon and Emery counties.
Site Description 
Production reached approximately 1,200,000 tons per year via continuous mining methods conducted in the Sunnyside and Rock Canyon seams before the mine was idled in 1999.

Overburden thickness ranges from approximately 100 feet under Soldier Creek Canyon to over 2,000 feet. The permit area encompasses about 6,600 acres and is comprised of state and federal leases and fee properties.

The mine has been in temporary cessation since March 25, 1999.
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