Permit Number: C0410002 
SEVIER County,Utah 
Site Summary 
The SUFCO Mine is an active coal mine. The SUFCO Mine produced 7,567,000 tons of coal in 2005.

The SUFCO Mine, previously known as the Convulsion Canyon Mine is located at the southern end of the Wasatch Plateau Coal Field, approximately 30 miles east of Salina, Utah. It is on a tributary to Quitchupah Creek below the confluence of East Spring Canyon and Mud Spring Hollow. The current permittee is Canyon Fuel Company, LLC, which is owned by ARCH Coal.
Site Description 
The mine began operation in 1941, mining federally - owned coal. The SUFCO Mine permit area currently encompasses approximately 26,000 acres with a combination of fee and federal leases. The majority of coal is longwall mined from the upper Hiawahta seam. Coal is moved by underground conveyor from the face to the portal, and then shipped by truck to Sharp Siding near Levan, Utah, where it is loaded on to rail and sent to IPP and other customers. Coal is also trucked to PacifiCorp’s Hunter Plant near Castle Dale, Utah.  
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