The Divison has created an Electronic Permitting Process for the Coal Program using the Google Drive.

If you are interested in learning more about the process or if you would like to sign up for Electronic Permitting please review the documents below:

Electronic Permitting Process Documents


E-Permitting Process (Operators)

E-Permitting Process (DOGM)


Registration Form

Electronic Permitting Tutorials

Intro to Epermitting


C1 & C2 Form

Employee Login to Findings Form Database (coming soon)


Technical Analysis Findings and Review Guide
The Technical Analysis Guideline is intended to serve as a working document for the development, analysis and final production of the TA document for the Permit.

Submittals Format Guide - Utah Coal Regulatory Program
The Division is requesting that all permit applications, changes, renewal, transfers or bond release applications follow the procedures and format requirements outlined in this document. The Division may return applications that do not meet format requirements according to the Utah Coal Mining Rules, (see R645-301-121.300).

Guidelines for Submitting Applications with Private / Protected / Confidential Information
Learn to protect and separate confidential information in mine plan information submittals.

General Guidelines for Electronic Permitting and Document Conversion
Suggestions for preparing and submitting documents in an electronic format.

The Practical Guide to Reclamation in Utah
The beginning of the new millennium marks 25 years of mining regulation in Utah. Since its start, reclamation of mined lands has been both 'trial and error' and heavily reliant upon application of existing technologies for restoring game range, or seeding after wildfire and other land disturbances. In this 25 years, hundreds of diverse mined land disturbances have been restored and reclaimed by mine operators and by agency effort cleaning up abandoned and bond-forfeited mines. At every site, some lesson was learned about how the next site could be done better. This manual represents an attempt to capture the very best methods which have been successful on the ground. The work, the successes, and the failures have all helped to write this guide. We hope you will find this collective learning experience of use in reclaiming your mine site.
Document Size - 7.59 MB. In Acrobat PDF format.

Final Soil Guideline
Guidelines for Management of Topsoil and Overburden.

Coal Mine Permit Processing - Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Utah Coal Regulatory Program (UCRP)?

The mission of the Utah Coal Regulatory Program at the Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining is to regulate exploration for, and development of, coal in the State of Utah which:

What is a coal mine permit application?

A coal mine permit application is an application submitted to the Utah Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining by a party who wants to mine coal in the state of Utah. This application must address all of the regulations (Coal Mining Rules - Utah Administrative Code R645 et al)

How can I become involved if I have concerns about a coal mine permit?

The coal rules provide for public participation in the coal permitting process. When the application is determined "administratively complete", there is an advertisement in the local newspaper about the permit application for four consecutive weeks to notify the public that the application is ready for public review.

The comment period extends for 30 days after the last date of publication when written comments or objections to the application may be submitted by any person having an interest which is or may be adversely affected by the decision on the application. An informal conference may also be requested - this request must include a brief summary of the issues to be raised by the requestor at the conference.

These comments should be addressed to:

Utah Coal Regulatory Program

Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining

1594 West North Temple, Suite 1210

Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

Where and when can I get a copy of the coal mine permit application?

All applications for permits, permit changes, permit renewals, transfers, assignments or sales of permit rights will be on file with the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining in their Public Information Center at the address above for public inspection and copying after they have been received by the Division. Upon submission of an "administratively complete application", an applicant for a permit, significant revision of a permit under R645-303-220 or renewal of a permit under R645-303-230, the applicant will place a copy of the permit application in the County Courthouse where the mine is located.

Other Questions? Please call or e-mail the Coal Program Manager Daron Haddock at 801-538-5325 (

Rules and Statutes

Coal Regulatory Program

Title R645

Title 40-10