Utah Coal Mining Water Quality Database

The Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System is the Utah Coal Program water monitoring data portal. AWQMS replaces the old APPX system which has been retired. This new system allows for easier and more meaningful access to water monitoring data collected by Coal Permit Operators.

With the public access account information below, user can use data analysis tools to create graphs, maps, reports, and downloads. This is a read-only account and the public is not able to create new monitoring locations, add, or modify any data.

Our Coal Permit Operators should use their own unique log in information for data entry.

Access AWQMS

Username: utogmpublic
Password: Leave this blank

For assistance, contact the Coal Program

DISCLAIMER:The Utah Division of Oil, Gas and Mining provides this data access page free of charge. Data cannot always be validated. The Division assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or use of the data.

Data Download Tutorials

How to create a Cross Tab Export

How to create a Standard Export

Data Entry Tutorials for Coal Program Operators

How to Import Data

How to Manually Enter Field Data

How to Manually Enter Lab Data