Minerals and petroleum literacy

At the heart of the great state of Utah lies a treasure trove of natural resources that impact our daily lives more than we might realize. The Department of Natural Resources (DOGM) and the Office of Energy Development (OED) have joined forces with a shared mission: to empower Utah's educators and students with a deeper understanding of the crucial role natural resources play in our world.

OED has crafted engaging lesson plans tailored for both elementary and secondary education levels, designed to illuminate the significance of Utah's natural resources and how they intricately weave into our daily routines. These meticulously crafted lesson plans are brought to life through workshops, conveniently held in diverse locations across the state.  To further support educators, classroom kits are provided, enabling them to seamlessly integrate these lessons into their own classrooms.

DOGM, backed by legislative funding, has long championed a similar educational program. With recent advancements in the Science with Engineering Education (SEEd) Standards, the Division saw an opportunity to revamp and enrich its educational content. Upon review, it became evident that the themes in both curricula significantly overlapped. Recognizing the potential for synergy, DOGM decided to embark on a collaborative journey with another esteemed state agency – OED. This partnership not only eliminates redundant efforts but also bolsters the exceptional work already in progress at OED.

In a spirit of cooperation, DOGM and OED have forged a pact to pool their resources, creating a wealth of lesson plan opportunities for Utah's dedicated teachers. These meticulously crafted materials not only shed light on the vital role of our natural resources but also align seamlessly with the SEEd Standards.


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