Governor's Score Card for Minerals

Division of Oil, Gas and Mining

Total Done On Time: 68
Total Due: 87
Percent On Time: 78.16 %

Total Issues: 128
Issues Sent on Time: 82
Amendments Due:: 45
Amendments Done in Quarter: 41
Amendments Done on Time: 29
CCM Due: 0
CCM Done in Quarter: 0
CCM Done on Time: 0
Explorations Due: 10
Explorations Done in Quarter: 10
Explorations Done on Time: 8
Citizen Complaints Due: 0
Citizen Complaints Done in Quarter: 0
Citizen complaints Done on Time: 0
Small Mines Due: 10
Small Mines Done in Quarter: 10
Small Mines Done on Time: 10
Large Mines Due: 3
Large Mines Done in Quarter: 3
Large Mines Done on Time: 2
Revisions Due: 0
Revisions Done in Quarter: 0
Revisions Done on Time: 0
Transfers Due: 0
Transfers Done in Quarter: 1
Transfers Done on Time: 0
Bond Release Due: 19
Bond Release Done in Quarter: 19
Bond Release Done On Time: 19
Inspections Due: 0
Inspections Done in Quarter: 0
Inspections Done on Time: 0
Total Items Due: 59

Summary of Permitting Mining Task Activites Issued from:

4/1/18 Through 6/30/18

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